What We Do

HELP Program

The Help program began in 2010 in Rwanda and expanded to Rubavu Rwanda (near the Congo border) in 2016.

We work in conjunction with the local government to bring help and hope to the neediest of families in the community. All families must participate in Umuganda (mandatory community service) in order to receive benefits. This allows each family to earn benefits towards their well-being—providing dignity rather than a hand-out.

We provide school fees, school materials, health insurance cards, and other areas of emergency relief to all families. As finances are available, we help the families with their homes, starting businesses, and vocational school to learn a trade so they can become self-sufficient.

We also provide counsel, guidance, and instruction in many areas for all family members. Primary school students also receive tutoring.

Child Sponsorship

There are two methods of sponsorship:

  1. A one-time donation of $100 pays for school requirements, school materials, uniforms, and health insurance card for a school year.
  2. A monthly sponsorship of $25 pays for all the above and the balance goes directly to helping the sponsored child and family in many other areas of their life.

All families are visited at their homes monthly to bring encouragement and fellowship as well as building relationships. Small food items are brought to help since most families eat only once a day.

Foundation Bible Institute

Ever wonder how your life or the life of the church would be different if you or your pastor had no quality biblical teaching?

The pastors and leaders we work with in Rwanda, Uganda, and Kenya are in spiritual warfare leading churches, yet with no formal training. They have a strong calling, vision, anointing, and passion for God.

False teachings and cults abound. False prophets or prophecies divide, confuse, or destroy churches. Key doctrinal understanding is also missing.

The Modular Training Program provides quality Bible classes on-location at the local church on a schedule throughout the year conducive for the leaders to attend.

To provide materials and teacher expenses can cost between $250 to $500 depending on size of class and location.